Time: 08:15
Date: 18. June 2024
Goods / Services

  • Cardboard and honeycomb pallets
  • Plywood pallets and boxes
  • Wooden pallets, miscellaneous packages and packaging solutions according to the Client’s expectations and needs, which protect goods and help the client in marketing, storage, transport and operation of its products.
  • Standard Pallets and pallets with special dimensions and/or design pallets.
  • Purchase and sale of used pallets.
  • Wooden products for storage and operation of goods, pallet collars, bearers/intermediatesupports/feet,grids/covers, cases etc.
  • Arranging transport of goods that are sold by Kastoram to its Client.
  • Sawn timber for manufacturing pallets.
  • Development/consultation concerning Kastoram's goods and services, which takes into account and values the needs of the Client.
  • Acquiring necessary packaging materials and packages for the Client.
  • Wooden pallets, packaging materials and packages of wood, plastic, cardboard pallets, also presswood, metal, composite etc. pallets.
  • Wholesale and retail of firewood.


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